Kenapa Melabur di Unit Trust

Berikut adalah artikel tentang mengapa kita melabur di Unit Trust atau Unit Amanah.

Unit trust or mutual fund is a financial vehicle through which individuals may invest their money. The idea behind unit trust is better returns through collective investing. In other words, it means pooling the investments of many investors, individuals and institutions.

Unit trust is getting popular nowdays due to potentially higher return when compare to fixed deposit or E*F saving. Furthermore, E*F is providing an option to withdraw some or your E*F saving for the purpose of investing in unit trust.

If you still wondering whether to invest in unit trust or not, you should see the reason why you should.

1-Being well-diversified financial instruments, they are less risky than if you were to invest in individual stocks.

2-You can reap investment opportunities from all over the world, as they are invested globally and into different financial instruments.

3-They are managed by professional fund managers who aim to obtain higher returns for your money. You do not need to monitor equity markets closely for fluctuations.

4-There is a wide selection of unit trusts available to meet the different investment objectives of investors. Staying invested over time, these returns can compound to very attractive amounts, unlike savings deposits.

5- Fund houses are bound by agreement to purchase the unit trusts back from you should you decide to sell your holdings, at the prevailing price on the date of sale, regardless of the number of units sold. Liquidity gives flexibility.

Source : FundSupermart

Children’s Education

Unit trust can help you cover the spiraling cost of education for your children or grandchildren. The sooner you start your plan, the lesser your burden will be. In this case, time can be your greatest ally.

Home Ownership

Unit trust can help you to pay off your mortgage earlier, purchase a bigger house or upgrade your existing house. As with any plan, start early. Many bricks build a castle.


Growing old and retiring is inevitable. It is never too early to plan for retirement even though you have the comfort of the Employees’ Provident Fund (E*F). You have the choice of retiring comfortably by planning a nest for your retirement home, orchard and the likes. Unit trust can help do the job.

Cash Reserves

The only certainty in life is the uncertainty or unexpected emergencies. Unit trust can help you to set aside some cash for rainy days.




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