What You Should Know When Investing in Unit Trust Using EPF Savings

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What You Should Know When Investing in UT Using EPF Saving

What You Should Know When Investing in UT Using EPF Saving2
Point Penting Yang Dihighlightkan:

1- Despite the high rate of contribution that Malaysians put into their EPF , there are people, especially investors, who still do not understand the differences between the EPF and Unit Trusts.

2- One misconception is that the EPF is an investment fund that will take care of all our financial goals on retirement. It is essential that we understand that EPF are basically an alternative saving plan conservatively managed to generate stable and moderate returns that at least mantain the purchasing power of our retirement savings by keeping pace with the prevailing inflation rate.

3- The second misconception is to use the EPF dividend rate as a benchmark of investment performance. Incidentally the EPF declared a dividend of 5.15% for 2006, an increase over the previous years’s 5% dividend.

4-Those who who wish to achieve a higher rate of return on their investment may withdraw from their EPF Account 1.

5- Nonetheless, unit trusts investors sometimes use the EPF dividend rate as a benchmark to avaluate performance of their unit trust funds.

6- But the truth is that the performance of unit trust funds should be properly evaluated againts their respective benchmarks over a medium-term horizon of three to five years.

7- It is not wise to compare the EPF with unit trusts simply because you are comparing apples against oranges.

8- The EPF portfolio, based on its assets allocation between bonds and equities is very different from an equity unit trust fund.

9- The basic principle about asset allocation is that you can reasonably expect to get equity type returns 10-15% over the medium to long term from an equity portfolio.

10- For people who wish to see their financial assets grow over time at a rate exceeding 5% per annum, putting the EPF savings in well managed unit trust funds is a wise option. At the same time, they should know their risk appetite and be able to tolerate fluctuations in the returns of their unit trust funds.

11- In conclusion, it pays to invest early in your working life and using a portion of your EPF savings to enhance your overall returns is a wise way to start.

12- To apply Dollar Cost Averaging to your EPF savings, you can withdraw a fixed amount regularly every 3 months or every year to invest in equity unit trusts.


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