Sunflower Park – Part 1

Salam & Good Day!

Last weekend we went to a sunflower park which is located just within Tsukuba. My husband has been in Tsukuba for 9 years but he didn’t even know there is such place here! Thanks Chui for inviting us to visit this place with you! Its not the biggest sunflower park we have been in Japan, I think the biggest one was in Nagaoka which I visited 7 years ago.. anyway the place was really nice. Looking fwd to visit another sunflower park this 21st Aug, InsyaAllah. Yep, it will be in the fasting month, but I think it shall be all right if we go there in the evening so that when we come back home we dont have to wait so long to break our fast=) Enjoy the piccas!

Note: All pics copyright Liyafendi Photography. DO NOT COPY WITHOUT PERMISSION! (except for those who are related in each entries)


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