Snow strikes again!!

Last Saturday, we went out to buy some groceries, it was really cold than usual and then we found it was snowing a little bit, but didnt expect the snow would accumulate. I didnt expect because usually Tsukuba gets heavy snow only once a year, but this was the 2nd time in this year. Anyway Alhamdulillah, I was so happy, it reminds me a lot to Hokkaido, a place where I studied 4 years for my degree, the place was covered with thick snow from Nov-April every year. I should be enough for snow but I still enjoyed it and really missed Hokkaido a lot:)

The snow started to accumulate in the evening, the night view was really awesome but didnt have the chance to capture the night view because I was not so well, so I went out to capture the view the next morning after Subuh prayer. I wanted to go out with husband and kids but the kids were sleeping deeply and hubby wanted to watch the Winter Olympic. But when I met with some Indonesian families enjoying the snow happily and take family photos I felt so jealous so I went back to my room and woke up the kids. Umar cried and was not in good mood, that’s why not many happy face of him in this entry:) From these photos you can see Ummi was the one who really enjoyed the snow.., not the kids, and the hubby neither ..hehehe:P

Realizing the fact that the snow would melt very soon, I felt like staying outside and wait until all the snow melt. But since I have lots of house chores to do I had to leave them. By noon, all the snow gone…:(

I will post more snow photos and some friends photos in the next entry.

p/s: Just feel like writing in English..pls forgive my bad English;)


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