Him (Jiwang mode..heheh)


Love Love Love
by Dreams Come True
Nee doushite
Suggoku sugoku suki na koto
Tada tsutaetai dake na no ni
Ru ru ru ru ru
Umaku ienain darou
Nee semete
Yume de aitai to negau
Yoru ni nemutte ichido mo
Ru ru ru ru ru
Dete kite wa kurenai ne
Nee doushite
Sugoku ai shiteru hito ni
Ai shiteru to iu dake de
Ru ru ru ru ru
Namida ga dechaun darou
Futari deatta hi ga
Sukoshi zutsu
Omoide ni natte mo
Ai shiteru ai shiteru
Ru ru ru ru ru
Nee doushite
Namida ga dechaun darou
Namida ga dechaun darou

Love love
Ai wo sakebou ai wo yobou
Love love
Ai wo sakebou ai wo yobou

Not sure this song is suitable or not, but every time I listen to this song I remember him and feel like crying, in fact I really cried.

In Primary school, every student was asked to write their ambition in their report cards. While the other students wrote that they wanted to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher etc, but this guy wrote that he wanted to be “A useful person to everybody”.

Till now, he has tried his best to help people and rarely turned down people who need his help. He is being very useful to everybody, to his family, his parents, and friends.

I am very grateful I am married to him. Does he feel like this too towards me? I dont think so because I dont think I am doing my job good enough for him, but he has done all his best for me.

I pray that he will always be in Allah’s protect, successful here and after, amin.

Thank you for everything my dear! xoxo


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