Happy Father’s Day…

…to all fathers in the world!


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  1. dieya says:

    hi lia!
    u definitely have a huge talent in photography. berbaloi tunggu page ni loading (maklumlah guna internet ofc). those pics are awesome!
    i’ve accepted ur friend request on facebook.
    i’m going to link ur blog to mine and follow it too. rajin2 update and letak more pretty pics k!
    take care babe!

    1. liyafendi says:

      Hi Dieya! Apa khabar? Lama tak jumpa 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog, biasa2 je gambar saya ni..tak cantik mana pun, manipulate sket kat potosop:D Thanks for linking to my blog, insyaALlah nnt saya link kan ke blog Dieya & kawan2 lain juga. You too take care ye!

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